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Der Engle Krieger's Colt Van de Pioniershof


Colts Dam is Kikky Van de Pionershof, BRN 13969 was imported from Europe and is registered in the Netherlands with Bloedlijnen.nl. Colts Sire is Gizmo Masque Du Noir DN 17207701, Gizmo's Hips and Elbows are Excellent.

War Dogs

Colt was in training to to go over seas with the American Military. The U.S. Military prefers the Malinois breed as its first choice, since it's similar to the German Shepherd but smaller and more compact. German Shepherds are still used as war dogs by the military, but the lighter, stubbier Malinois is considered better for parachute jumping and rappelling operations that are often undertaken by special operations teams.

Knowing Who's a Threat and Who's Not . . .

Colt is on the larger side of the Belgian Malinois and is a powerful dog with a great bite. He has the power and size to take down any bad guy! His bite is incredible, yet he has the greatest of dispositions and seems to know who's a threat and who is not. He will produce big hearted, strong, healthy, offspring with great protective instinct.

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