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Der Engle Krieger's Mighty Joe Young - Stud

Mighty Joe Young

Our stud, Mighty Joe Young was named by my 5 year old grandson because of Joe Youngs' size. This stud is really big boned and is really tough. The markings on our Joe Young are awesome! He has a beautiful bold black face, chest and legs and he has eyes that seem to look right into your soul. He is truly a beautiful beast to look at, but don't look at him too long because he loves a target. I will never forget the day when my grandson and I were watching Joe Young work and my 5 year old grandson said to me, "Mimi, we should change Mighty Joe Young's name", so I asked him what he would like to change his name to, and he replied with a very straight face, "To Bitey Joe Young." To this day, I am still amused every time I think about that! All I can say is, as a stud dog, Joe Young is truly impressive and will produce some fine, fine off spring!

Mighty Joe Young's appearance is overwhelmingly remarkable, he has a statuesque and noble look about him and his fierceness is unmatchable. Mighty Joe Young come from great European bloodlines, his family history and awards speak for themselves, now that's something to be around of! Mighty Joe Young's sire is METLOF with 435 points with honors, he has Kukay, Des Plaines, Cartouche, Des Deux Pottios and Du Chemin Plaines, all with either and PH1, PH2, KNVP, IPO1 IPO2, IPO3, French Ring 1, 2 & 3, OBJ, 6X World Competitor, World Champion and much more!

If you are looking for a fearless over the top Belgian Malinois working dog with some size, you'll want one of Mighty Joe Youngs' puppies.

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