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Our Dog Facility

A Modern Facility For Belgian Malinois Dogs

We only have one to three Belgian Malinois breeding's a year in our dog facility. Der Engle Krieger K-9 is NOT a puppy-mill, and by appointment, all are welcome to visit our kennels. We like clients to see how our dogs are raised. In our Dog Barracks, each of our dogs has it own indoor kennel (4' X 4' or 5' X 5') and it's own outdoor kennel (4' x 8' or 5' x 10'). We have another area for our dogs that we call The Range. The Range area is 144' long x 50' deep. It's divided up into six sections, each being 24' X 50'. This is where we take the dogs out play and for them to get their daily exercise.

We put molded high-density plastic decking in each kennel. We do this for several reasons, its unique construction allows for easy drainage and air circulation. It also provides a flat, non-skid surface for the comfort of our dogs. It keeps our Malinois off the concrete, which can contribute to disease and/or bone problems. More importantly, it is for the health of all our dogs. The urine and feces falls thru the decking, and this prevents cross contamination between the dogs.

Each of Der Engle Krieger's dogs get personal one-on-one attention daily. They are let out of the dog facility so that they can get out on the farm to run, play and train everyday, twice a day. The health of our dogs is of most importance to us.

Dog Facility

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